COLIN (AKA. Papa Bear)

A familiar face to all, Colin Wall is the backbone of the Eddie's family. With a strong heart and mind, he is the driving force that makes it all happen. Colin started from the bottom, like most, as the DJ in the Costermonger Rock Pub, were he worked for over 20 years before taking on the challenge of Edwards No.8 in 1999.

With his passion for music and entertaining people, Colin has started numerous other ventures along the way, including 'Rockwells' and the 'Jailhouse Rock Bar' in Tamworth, before settling in as the manager at Edwards No.8, The Gallows and The Costermonger in Birmingham, (all at the same time!!!)

Turning Edwards No8 into the institution that it was, is by far Colin's greatest and happiest achievment. With next to nothing there to start from, just memories of what the Club was like in the 80's. However within time Colin soon turned it into the Biggest Rock Club in the Midlands.

When the fire struck in November of 2006, keeping Eddie's alive for the customers (whom Colin calls his family), was the only way he could keep focused, after the fire had literally stopped the Eddie's Rock Behemoth in it's tracks. Since the fire, and sad demise of the old Edward's No.8 building, Colin has made it his sole ambition not to let the Eddie's name die, and has put his life's work into keeping Eddie's alive, and finding a new permanent home for the legendary Rock Club.

True to his word, as always, Eddie's is still going strong, and now bigger than ever. It has come a long way from the Gosta Green and the Newt, who were temporary safe houses in the clubs hour of need, to now with the excitement of moving to the BUSK Music Complex, just across the road from the old building. Which is a momentous statement in the history of the Eddie's story.

The bottom line is...

Colin always comes through, without this man, Eddie's would not be.

Now Let's Rock Birmingham like it's never Rocked Before.





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