Bringing you two rooms of the most popular rock and alternative anthems, from the one and only team at Eddie's.

DJs 'GEZ', 'CHRIS' & 'Mr. C'

The Ultimate Rock Experience mixing an array of Rock Anthems with Punk and grunge classics, and the best Metal and Alternative floorfillers.

(Bands you are likely to hear incl. Slipknot, Machine Head, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Linkin Park, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Pearl Jam, plus loads more...)

Gez, brings the Edge of Metal and the New Helping of Todays Rock.

Captain Chris will be playing some of your favourite Anthems from the World of ROCK.

Mr.C.... Feasts on the New and the Old ANTHEMS to offer up the Best of the Best for an UPLIFTING Night, so YOU can PARTY 'til you drop, often with a Competition for good measure.

DJ's PANDORA ROX and sometimes Special Guests or a One Off Special Night

Birmingham's best Goth Night, PANDORA'S MUSIC BOX. Taking you on a journey through the Gothic world of EBM and Cyber club tunes, with a hint of industrial, Dark Wave, 80's New Romantic and synth pop hits on these Goth' Nights.

PANDORA'S MUSIC BOX - With EMMA, our Sister of Mercy, PandoraRox absolving you of all your musical sins and indulging your guilty aural pleasures. An eclectic mix of Gothic, EBM, Industrial, Alternative, Dark Indie & 80's tunes for you delight and delectation.

DYSTOPIA - We will bring you 'Dystopia' a fun and welcoming Clubnite offering a Dark and Eclectic blend of EBM, Industrial, Electro, Trad Goth, 80's and a bit of everything in between!.
You'll have to look out for these nights, because they don't happen very often.

Bands you are likely to hear in the DUNGEON on any given GOTH/EBM Night incl. Nine Inch Nails, Apoptygma Berzerk, Combichrist, Gary Numan, VNV Nation, Das Ich, Covenant, Depeche Mode, Cruxshadows plus loads more...

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